Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion



This is a very useful tool, and is the first social media tool listed because the rest can work with it. This social media tool allows you to consolidate all of your other social media outlets into one manageable website. A necessity these days due to all of the social media tools out, you don’t have to run around checking them all.


This is more of a personal social media tool, however if presented correctly it can give you that edge for employers. This can allow them to see a personal side of yourself and get an idea of what kind of person you are. This site should still be taken seriously as a social media tool because it is the most commonly used one, you should not be posting inappropriate things for this reason. An employer will search this so try and keep it clean.


This site is useful to allow yourself to get updates from important business ventures you’re interested in. This social media tool allows companies or employers to get their message out to a mass audience of followers. As you hunt for jobs this can be very useful to follow jobs you are interested in and allow you have instant updates on job postings or promotions. This tool is very popular but not majorly professional.


This social media tool is key for business professionals; this is the Facebook of business. This tool allows you to display all your experiences and skills you have acquired and allows you to display yourself the way you want. This tool allows employers to actively search for employees by criteria and look for the right people they need for the job. It also allows the job seeker to actively hunt for jobs on this site as well as job postings can be listed.


This profile is important because a Google+ account will come up high on Google search. Your main concern should just be to get the profile filled out and your information out there. It’s not as major as the other social media tools but it allows you to come up easily on searches and allows you to become more accessible.

b. Social networking is an online connection that allows you to maintain relationships with people around the world with people you have met or people who you would like to meet.  Business professionals use these tools to their advantage for their personal brand. Facebook allows them to show their personal side and let employers get a feel for who they would be hiring. Twitter can let them stay informed with the companies they are following for job opportunities, and they can also get extra insight into the person’s interests. LinkedIn is your best opportunity to show everything on a professional level, which can be your goals, career path, experience, skills, picture, resume etc. This allows head hunters to find you directly and also allows yourself to go and actively search jobs as well. Google+ is a great tool for self-branding; this can get your name to the top of a search if Google’d. You can also post connections to your other social media profiles and allows your personal brand to be view easily. Social media is also used by businesses by to get free advertising, with so many people following companies now it’s just simple to get free publicity.

c) Helpful Sites to further explain social media tools and how they help for work and self promotion



The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

A)Stephen R Covey is the author of a very famous book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The book is built upon 3 categories and 7 habits within those. The first category is called Independence or Self Mastery, these habits are effective for moving from dependence to independence. Within this category we have our first three habits: 1. Be Proactive: take initiative, what you put into life is what you’ll get out of it. 2. Begin with the end in mind: Essentially you want to create a mission statement for your character values and life goals. 3. Put first things first: Get done what is important to you first over urgency, this way you can see where you efforts should lie and propel you toward your goals. Now for our second category which is called Interdependence which has 3 more habits under it as well. This is the category for working with others, these are the habits: 4. Think Win-Win: Understanding that a win-win scenario is best for the long run you should strive to always seek this outcome in your relationships. 5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: If you genuinely listen and respond with honestly, you will find it will be reciprocated because people will be more open to being influenced. 6. Synergize: Work collaboratively and combine peoples strengths to reach goals no one single person can. The last category is Self Renewal and this focuses on helping heal and rejuvenate yourself. This category contains the last habit which is: 7. Sharpen the Saw: It is important to keep active, pray and have good reading to have mental renewal.

B) I find the 3 habits that i currently possess are Habit 3, 4 and 6. I believe I have habit 3 because I prioritize my life in order of importance of things instead of urgency of the task of hand. I find this allows me to be happy with my life and keep thinks organized and stress free. I find for habit 4 I am always striving to make it a Win-Win situation in my relationships because that is just the way I am. I don’t want to screw people out of anything, I want everyone to go away satisfied. I also definitely possess habit 6 as I have played hockey and team sports my whole life and understand how much a team can do compared to 1 person.

C) By allowing myself to prioritize my importance as opposed to urgency, my motivation drives me through the earlier projects of importance. When I am less motivated with the urgent projects, I have pushed by the due date to get the rest done. As for my teamwork skills, I find both Win-Win and Team strength extremely useful skills as i am always in groups throughout my courses.

D) These habits can be applied the same way as they are in my educational purposes. I will use habit 3 with the same method for projects in the business workplace. My teamwork skills will also transfer well into the business world as there are lots of team projects done throughout.